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Years ago, my aunt baked her first banana bread and gave me a slice.  I was skeptical as banana bread was not my thing… but…oh my...  It was love at first bite!   I looked at her with wide eyes and told her,,, “you’ve got to sell this.”   She looked at me and said…  “no way.” 


Fast forward to the end of 2018.  I was in the middle of a down cycle wanting to reinvent myself and do something that would allow me to take care of my dad, who lives with me and has Alzheimer’s.  I was praying, open to ideas and had great expectations.  


I did not know what or how that was going to look like, but it would have to be enjoyable and bring people together.  One thing, however, that I did not expect was to have the one thing I was looking for, right in front of me, after all I was looking and not seeing…


One day I was driving and unexpectedly got the idea to bake and sell my aunt’s banana bread.  I almost ignored it because it was so obvious, and I did not know how to bake.  

I called my aunt, got the recipe (and the scoop about her secret ingredient) and a bunch of bananas.  Following many disasters, and lots of research on banana bread recipes; (have yet to find one with her secret ingredient!) I managed to bake one loaf that tasted like my aunt’s.  It was heaven!

I shared a few samples among friends and was delighted to see that they all had the same look I had had years ago that screamed Love at First Bite!!  It was now my turn to give it my personal spin – wine pairings and serving suggestions – and say yes to building a community that comes together to enjoy life’s simple pleasures…and mouthwatering, delicious artisan banana bread for sure!

Welcome home.  

With Love and Appreciation, 



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